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Media Description: Metal sculpture

Brian Keith Scott's work is familiar to Billings's audiences--he is a frequent contributor to the annual Art Auction, and the YAM hosted a solo exhibition of his work in 2007. Scott works in metal and glass. During his time as the YAM's artist-in-residence, he completed several kiln-casting projects and cold glass and metal works. Scott is enthusiastic about the Yellowstone Art Museum and found the interaction between visitors and himself to be inspiring.

The process by which I generate my art is simply living through the experiences of my life. I view my art as relics of existence, occurring naturally through my own creative praxis.

The generation of my work takes place simply through being and my own inherent desire to express my creative energy through a physical medium. I do not generally set out to make one specific piece that is already designed in my mind.

I am working on art during most moments of my life. In the simple acts and mundane aspects- as well as the passionate and absurd eccentricities from the small to the large- all behavior, emotions, and interactions are the energy making up and appropriating themselves into these pieces. My work is a lifetime of these appropriations. It might be my mood, the weather, the influence of another on my life, the availability of a tool, a supply, or my personal aesthetic of the moment.

My pieces often have a feel of something ancient. I know everything I am comes from that which is ancient and will continue on in the process of becoming ancient until both ends meet. These pieces are contemplative in the manner of invoking ancient qualities of relics. Thus, my pieces are not just relics of my existence, but of a projection. My invitation is to meet them at the time and place of their origin.