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Media Description: Painting

El Gato Chimney was born in Milan, Italy in the year 1981. He grew up as a self-taught artist who got his start in street art in the city of Milan, where he still lives and works. He takes inspiration from graffiti, street art, steampunk, and surrealism, which can be seen in his works. El Gato’s works incorporate a vision belonging to the 21st century and a sense of medieval fantasy and mysticism created through colors and creatures.

Using a mix of inspirations, El Gato thrives in his world of 8th and 9th century storytelling full of ideas of alchemy, magic, occultism, folklore, and spiritualism and blends this with his 21st century eye. By combining the two eras and thoughts, his work seems to inhabit a realm of surrealist fantasy. His work is both familiar yet completely foreign, allowing for one to be captured and ask continuous questions. It is the embodiment of subtle duality.

His work is littered with clues as to what this all means. His animals are often portrayed with masks and ceremonial garments derived from both European and Oceanic traditions. These are intended to show the vices and virtues of the world that surrounds him. The clothes are often vivid and colorful, shrouding the wild animals in an invitation that also serves as a warning, as they can be approachable, yet brooding. El Gato also molds together religion and magic and infuses them into his work, reminding the viewer of the idea to celebrate life, and inviting them into escaping death, a universal experience among human beings.

This duality comes from introspective time in the studio, where he works to project his thoughts into these creations. El Gato tells his stories through invented animals and bright and vivid colors akin to children books, again evoking the mind, welcoming one in and inviting them to explore.

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