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Electric Coffin is a Seattle-based artist collaboration between Duffy De Armas and Stefan Hofmann. Electric Coffin are based in Seattle, Washington but exhibit nationally and internationally. The recently exhibited a large multi-media installation at the Museum of Museums, a new contemporary art center in Seattle, as well as participating in numerous art fairs around the country and in Taipei. They have just been commissioned to create a series of large scale art works for Seattle newest high rise, the Ren building.

Their work is coded within art history and ideologies from archetypes of mysticism. They explore found truths from modernity and a personal historical perspective. A process-driven studio practice and narratively informed dogma guides them, synthesizing perception through the use of created and found iconography and typography. inspired by a number of sources both material and ephemeral; sources which encompass knowledge, culture, the physical remains of industry, mass production, communication, and commerce, Electric Coffin creates works that generally comment on socio-economic and environmental concerns as well as reclaiming a sense of spirituality and connection with nature in the Anthropocene era. Adept at humorously transforming the "low brow" into fine art, EC reshapes the slogans of mass commercial advertising into a language that communicates introspection into our deeper human natures and connection to each other and the world.

“Youth is a powerful elixr, removed from experience it pushes forward in time devoid of relative perception. In this body of work we are looking back at this era of youth from a new perspective, to decode and exalt that wellspring. To analyze the blueprint of cognition and understand our origins. To think of memory thru the cloud of now and reinterpret that ambiguous idea of the past.

Physically we are all made from atoms, however spiritually we are made from our past experiences. Our existence is an amalgamation of all of our past encounters and interactions. As we grow older we stiffen, become hardened, rooted in ourselves. As kids we are malleable, explorers, and curious. Our growing bodies and minds could only be satiated through an ongoing consumption of inspiration. This body of work examines and dissects those experiences and objects from our youth. As a way to understand who we are and where we are going, we must first understand where we came from.” - Electric Coffin