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Artist Statement

I am an artist and painter exploring female-centric visions and stories of violence, resistance, and tribulation inspired by women’s complicated history in the American West. Growing up in the foothills of Northern Colorado, the bed of the Rocky Mountains near Fort Collins encouraged a strong relationship between the natural landscape and myself which heavily defied the alienating feelings in relation to ongoing urbanization of the Colorado Piedmont and a burgeoning suburban landscape.

My work supposes land as a natural phenomenon is fundamental to construction of identity, memory, and spirituality as humans. Pulling from a long history of romanticization of western life and land in popular culture and art, my artwork fabulates intersecting narratives and fantasies of white women engaged in embittered relationships with themselves, nature, animal companions, other women, and god.

Often reflective of personal explorations of violence and whiteness in the context of a post-colonial and late-capitalistic western world, my work can often be read as lamentations of failed symbiosis and troubled links to the natural world or my own identity in honoring and harmonizing with land that we make home.

2018 BFA Colorado State University

2021 Chain letter. Union Hall. Denver, Co.
2021 some time later. the curfman gallery. Fort Collins, CO.
2021 Uncurated vol. 2. Uncurated gallery.
2021 EMIT: from apathy to action. Half-snake media.
2020 Young Space Autumn 2020 Online Co-curated with Adam D. Miller. Life In a Pressure Cooker.
2020 Touched a star/ American Canvas Repaint, a DXIX Projects exhibition, curated by
Aitor Lajarin in collaboration with Daan Houter. Wolverine Farm ,Fort Collins, CO.
2019 Survivor Art Show. Linden Street Gallery. Fort Collins, CO.
2018 Forbidden Fruit. Magnetic Gallery. Fort Collins, CO.
2018 BFA Exhibition. The Hatton Gallery. Fort Collins, CO.
2018 The Neighborhood. Carnegie Center for Creativity. Fort Collins, CO.
2018 Her Ritual, curated by Matthew Weiderspon. Walnut Creek Art Gallery. Fort Collins, CO.

2021 Lonely on the mountain. Friend of a friend. Denver, CO
2019 The Body is Red. The Art-lab. Fort Collins, CO.
2018 Honey. Private Gallery. Fort Collins, CO.