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Media Description: sculpture


Rachel Denny's work is an exploration of the seductive beauty of our natural world and the imprint that human intervention has made on its flora and fauna. Denny is best known for her “Domestic Trophies” work—deer mounts covered in cozy cashmere cable knit woolens. She has shown in galleries nationwide for over 15 years and her sculpture is in many private collections worldwide. She lives and works in her rural studio outside of Portland, Oregon.

Artist Statement

We surround ourselves with elements from nature in the form of manicured lawns, sculpted trees, and our domesticated companions. We bend the natural world to our tastes and create a comfortable place from which to appreciate its unpredictable beauty. My sculptures weave every day objects with the animal form to create new layers of information. I use tactile materials to create beautiful yet absurd creatures that are half wild yet domesticated by human intervention. My work approaches topics of femininity, domesticity, and our perceived place in nature. My animals are transformed by the texture and colors of human detritus into poetic creatures that reflect our conflicted desire for control over our environment and our search for a feral beauty. We sometimes move through this life at a frantic pace, and my creatures are a reflection of the ebb and flow of our actions.