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I make luscious, joyful paintings that integrate a variety of painterly languages and approaches to mark, texture, and levels of visual legibility, allowing for playful slippage between formal and material abstraction and traditional devices of painterly representation. My “Vision” paintings are small abstract representations of distilled sensate experiences that embody transitional spaces between object and image. Color schemes reference my experiences looking at places, photographs, clippings, flowers, skies, dogs, hummingbirds, rainbows, postcards, and paintings, to name a few. My painterly moves are inspired by sensual experiences like sniffing, kissing, and crying. I give double meanings to elements, shapes, and symbols through legibility of form. For example, a trompe l'oeil teardrop can become a dog’s ear or a flower petal. A cosmos flower is ever-present, a portal into the greater cosmos. For my “Jammer” paintings, I take that diffused space, shift it on its side, and “jam” a ground into it that melds material space and illusionistic space. Jammer is also the name for a dancing dog figure, loosely inspired by cartoons like Snoopy.