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Media Description: Encaustic on Panel

"All spring, I watched the rising blue-green grass,
above it's gleaming and substantial shadows,
toss in the breeze,
like wings."

---- Mary Oliver


Suzanne Truman was born In Phoenix, Arizona; raised on farms and ranches in Arizona and California until her Family moved to Kentucky when she was 15. She returned west after attending a year at The University of Kentucky. She worked in Yellowstone National Park and lived in Hawaii for three years before migrating to the Rocky Mountains to finish her art degree in Bozeman. From there Suzanne moved to Missoula, Montana to complete her MFA, in painting. After graduate school she taught backcountry field courses in Alaska and along the Rio Grande and Big Bend National Park for two years. She went on to teach painting and drawing at The University of Montana-Western and Montana State University for the next seven years. Presently, Suzanne lives with her husband and their cat in Bozeman, Montana. The open west, and a sense of place, continue to strongly influence her paintings.

Nature offers a myriad of sensations and awakens a sense of discovery when one is "exploring" their surroundings . Colors and textures inspire a lyrical essence of story. Engaging my senses and becoming absorbed in my surroundings elicits a sense of wonder. Robin's egg blue sky, indigo nights, aqua seas, red rock canyons; vermilion, azure, sienna, and viridian patinas of lichen covered rocks - These visual and emotional experiences inform my paintings. Thus, the exterior landscape fuels my interior landscape (psyche, mind's eye, soul).

While painting, I strive to use the elements of an additive and subtractive process in a harmonious way, to evoke a metaphorical aspect of my natural surroundings. As the surface evolves, I sand, scrape and scratch back into the multi-painted layers. By intuitively responding to emerging images I feel that I am both weaving and unraveling a "story". I seek to reveal this "discovery" through each finished painting. (When complete, I hope to have images that look as if they're found objects. That is why I conceal my brush strokes). For myself, these paintings function as a tiny aspect of the wonder felt in "The Land" that can not be explicitly ( realistically ) represented. In turn, I hope these abstract images stir the "interior landscape" of each viewer to inspire their own sense of discovery.

Suzanne Truman's Encaustic Process...

According to Ralph Meyer's excerpt in The Artist's Handbook, his traditional encaustic description states, "Encaustic or hot wax painting comes down to us from ancient Greece where it was a major creative art process for both easel and mural painting. It is perhaps the earliest formal easel-painting method, and it shares with the ancient process of fresco a certain fundamental purity.

Its use was displaced by other mediums with the developing and changing requirements of European art so that during the medieval and Renaissance periods it was a genuine lost art. During the eighteenth century, mural painters sought a new material that would give permanent results under drastic conditions, especially dampness; wax seemed to fill these requirements and the reputed excellence of the ancient Greek process offered a goal to artists and scholars; and so, by means of literary research, a revival of encaustic began. This work, which continued through the nineteenth century, is well documented, and today we have not only the ancient sources but also 200 years of records to guide us in our current revival.

The classic encaustic method consists of painting on any ground or surface with paints made by mixing dry pigments with molten white refined beeswax plus a variable percentage of resin (usually dammar varnish), working from a warm palette. Warming and chilling the surface can also assist the brush or palette knife manipulations. A final heat treatment, or burning in (which is the meaning of the name encaustic) by passing a heat source over the surface, fuses and bonds the painting into a permanent form without altering it, and a light polishing with soft cotton brings out a satiny sheen. When cool, the picture is finished; no further change ever takes place."

Suzanne Truman declares, "Sometimes I use the classic encaustic method. I label these paintings "encaustic". Most times I paint with oil paints mixed with a wax medium. When these paintings are dry I 'fuse' them, or 'burn in', with a heat gun. This stage is the same as the 'burning in' (or fusing) process applied in classic encaustic painting. This is also why both my encaustic paintings and my oil/wax paintings look similar. Even though technically encaustic means 'burning in', I feel that the two types of paintings I do should be labeled separately because the oil/wax paintings are not created from a molten palette, and because by using oil paint rather than molten wax and dry pigment, the paintings are actually different in their ingredients.

Artist Statement

My work is process oriented and concerned with series and structure, and interpreting colors, patterns and textures from nature - including objects eroded and worn by nature - onto constructed surfaces in a complex minimal layering of oil paint with wax medium or encaustic paint. My oil/wax paintings are usually on larger canvases and my encaustic paintings are on smaller handmade wooden boxes with deep sides. I arrange these on the wall in series of three to 20, as sets, usually as triptychs or in grids of 9, 16 or 20. Sometimes I place an individual box/painting alone on a large wall to magnify the/objectness of the painting. Recently, I have been working in larger series of different configurations. Both of the "Color & Light" series consist of many small encaustic box paintings conceptually arranged as an installation to convey a sense of rhythm and play of light between the paintings. "Rhythm & Pattern" also plays with syncopation but with more overt colors and patterns in the individual panels. The visual elements in these installations are distilled from nature, while the arrangement and the forms reflect modern-world construction.

While painting, I strive to use the elements of an additive and subtractive process in a harmonious way to evoke a metaphorical aspect of the natural world and the play of light in the wide-open spaces of the American West. As the surface evolves, I sand, scrape and scribe back into the painted strata. By intuitively responding to emerging imagery, my intent is to reveal minimal abstractions suggestive of the cumulative effects of natural events that shape the land, and objects therein, over time. The exterior landscape thus fuels my interior landscape and these paintings serve as essences that can not be explicitly represented. In turn, I hope they stir the "interior landscape" of the viewer and inspire their own sense of visual exploration.



1996, MFA Painting, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

1992, BA with honors in Printmaking, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT


2014 Holter Art Museum, Helena, MT (forthcoming installation)

2013 Visions West, Denver, CO (forthcoming)

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