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Thomas Swanston was born 1956 in Annapolis Md., Naval Hospital. He graduated from Hobart & William Smith Colleges 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts, with studies in London and at the Studio School in New York, New York. Swanston matriculated in 1980 – one of only twelve of the first Parsons Master of Fine Arts Diploma offered.

Exhibiting regularly in non profit and for profit galleries in Boston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and with Fine Art consultants across the country, Swanston has had 14 solo and 46 group gallery exhibitions. He has been included in 8 museum exhibitions and published in over 55 trade and lifestyles magazines. Swanston’s work is collected in public and private collections in the US, Europe, Korea, China, Japan, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“Thomas Swanston’s current body of paintings reminds us that the overarching theme of migration carries a multitude of connotations; most notably, migration speaks to the mystical movement through space and time, from one location to another then, with an ultimate return Home. The recurring pattern of Sandhill crane migrations speaks to us of nature’s ability to hold both as true: rhythmically change and a remaining consistency, throughout the seasons. To the end, such is the human life.

Like migratory cranes, physical and spiritual travelers alike explore new & familiar places, to return to the one singular locale that they call “Home.” In their seasonal Migration and in their triumphant return from near extinction back into the cycle of life, Sandhill cranes uniquely notify the viewer that all journeys have a purpose and an end, no matter how long they might be or how far away from home they take us.”

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