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Theodore Waddell Book Signing

Visions West Gallery :: Theodore Waddell Book Signing

| 05.13.2017 - 05.13.2017 | 5:00- 7:00pm

Artists: Theodore Waddell

Please join us for a book signing with Theodore Waddell at the Bozeman gallery on Saturday, May 13th from 5:00-7:00 pm. "Theodore Waddell: My Montana is published by Drumlummon Institute of Helena, MT, and is distributed by the University of Oklahoma Press. Born in 1941 in Billings, Montana, painter, sculptor, and rancher Theodore Waddell stands as one of the West’s most celebrated contemporary artists. His late modern “landscapes with animals” couple abstract expressionist technique with creatures—Black Angus cattle, horses, and bison—that populate the high plains and mountain valleys of today’s ranching West. Richly illustrated with the artist’s own work, as well as images from his personal archive, Theodore Waddell: My Montana traces Waddell’s influences, ranging from the Cezannesque works of Montana rancher and teacher Isabelle Johnson to the abstract expressionism of Robert Motherwell, the expressionist figuration of Robert DeNiro Sr., and the classic western paintings of Karl Bodmer, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, Thomas Moran, Joseph Henry Sharp, and Maynard Dixon. With access to Waddell’s journals and letters and an extensive oral history recently completed, author Rick Newby offers unprecedented insight into Waddell’s first years as an avowed artist and his period of struggle and disciplined creativity. Newby portrays Waddell’s decades as a practicing rancher and the years of his success— when his sculptures and vast canvases have found homes in leading museums." - Rick Newby