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Visions West Gallery :: Nocturnes

| 10.19.2018 - 11.24.2018 | 5 p.m.

Artists: Tracy Stuckey

In the decade preceding his death, Frederic Remington produced a series of paintings that took as their subject the color of night. Inspired by this work Tracy Stuckey has produced new work with the added element of nighttime scenes. Much as Remington did, Stuckey shows us a west that is more a concept than reality. In his signature style Stuckey's characters play out gun battles on horseback but with water guns instead of Colts and riding playground ponies, get into desperate situations with drive-in villains, and scout distant towns for trouble while draped in designer wear. Come experience the West as only Tracy Stuckey can showcase it. This exhibition is currently on display at our Denver, CO location.

Featured Artist

Visions West Gallery :: Featured Artist

| 10.24.2018 - 12.30.2018 |

Artists: Matt Flint

Matt Flint uses textural and expressive painting techniques to explore wildness and the passage of time in the natural world. He does this through additive and subtractive processes as well as a mixture of realistic and abstracted forms. Flint's work is currently on display at our Bozeman, MT location.

Winter Wonderland

Visions West Gallery :: Winter Wonderland

| 10.26.2018 - 12.31.2018 |

Artists: June Glasson, Tracy Stuckey, Mathew Mullins

Walk through a painted western winter wonderland! The paintings featured in this show call to mind the crisp winter air as they comment on Western tropes and the commercialization of them. This exhibition features works by June Glasson, Tracy Stuckey and Mathew Mullins which share a common sense of wintertime. The result of this eclectic collection of works is both sumptuous and critical of the idea of the American West. This exhibition will be on display at our Jackson, WY location.

Fire and Water

Visions West Gallery :: Fire and Water

| 11.30.2018 - 01.05.2019 | 6 p.m.

Artists: Suzanne Truman, Ralph Wiegman

The patterns, sensations and rhythms of nature have been an early influence on the art of both Wiegmann and Truman, compelling them to create intuitive works that reflect experiences within the natural world. The works that appear in their upcoming show continue to meditate on these notions of pattern, color, and texture in nature. This in-depth collaboration has led the artists to a particular essence in their works that is focused on the elemental interplay of fire and water and the destructive as well as regenerative nature of these two things. This exhibition will be displayed at our Denver, CO location.