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Mountain Drag

Visions West Gallery :: Mountain Drag

| 06.15.2018 - 07.21.2018 |

Artists: June Glasson

Exhibition Dates, June 15th – July 21st | June Glasson is an artist, illustrator and designer currently based in Laramie, WY. Her work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Nature Morte Gallery in Berlin as well as various New York and stateside galleries and museums. Working across a variety of media, including ink drawings and oil paintings, June Glasson creates works that are by turns realistic, whimsical, and surrealistic. Her paintings are frequently characterized by multiple washes of diaphanous color, lending them an ethereal quality.


Visions West Gallery :: Survey

| 06.15.2018 - 07.21.2018 |

Artists: Future Retrieval

Exhibition Dates, June 15th – July 21st | Founded in 2008, Future Retrieval is the studio collaboration of Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker. The pieces created utilize three-dimensional scanning and digital manufacturing of found forms that are molded and constructed in porcelain, mimicking the history of decorative arts and design. Our process addresses the conceptualization, discovery, and acquisition of form, to make content-loaded sculptures that reference design and are held together by craft. We incorporate an interdisciplinary approach to our work, striving to make influential historic objects relevant to today.

Troy Abbot

Visions West Gallery :: Troy Abbot

| 06.15.2018 - 07.21.2018 |

Artists: Troy Abbott

Exhibition Dates, June 15th – July 21st | Artist Statement: Decay and destruction are the beginning points of many of Troy Abbott's creations. Something must break or splinter or burst before it can be transformed into something else, something new. Rocks to sand to clay become glass and brick and steel and then a shiny new building. Abbott looks to the past as a beginning point of my process. The past is a constant echo reverberating in our present. His work seeks to bridge the past and the present; to connect memory with reality and the artificial with the real. Abbott is very interested our perception and experience of what we call "Reality".

John Defeo

Visions West Gallery :: John Defeo

| 06.22.2018 - 07.25.2018 | 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Artists: John Defeo

Exhibition Dates: June 22nd - July 25th | Opening Reception: June 22nd from 5:30-8:30 PM, as part of the Livingston Art Walk | “At any time, I could head to the middle of the forest, strip off my clothes, and dive into a river to wash off the sins of contemporary society in the primordial essence of nature. Knowing I have this freedom is how I get through my day.” Johnny Defeo’s work belongs to the concept of souvenir, attempting to capture the experiences he has in the natural world, where he feels free and most at home. His paintings and rugs focus on the physical margins between unmitigated wilderness and human construction in an attempt to represent the psychological division between egocentric and holistic thought. He makes work with the earnest goal of minimizing the perceived divide between the natural world and the manmade and illuminating the connections between beauty both quintessential and manufactured. Johnny’s interest in rugs as a material with which to create iterations of his paintings is informed by from his interest in interior design, luxury goods, and traditional forms of craft, which he finds to be more experiential and approachable than traditional fine arts practices. In Rivers, a collection of self portraits floating nude in bodies of water all over the world serve as souvenirs of a freeing and reenergizing experience- a moment of submersion into the life-giving force of flowing water. These self portraits serve as the basis for his paintings and rugs, merging his explorations of the sublime with the process of making functional works that address the barriers between nature and culture, inside and outside. Johnny lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He earned his MFA in painting from CU Boulder in 2017. During his time at CU he exhibited in national juried MFA exhibitions in New York and Chicago, and organized exhibitions and collaborative curatorial projects with artists and curators in Boulder and Denver. In 2018, he will be exhibiting in several group shows, as well as two solo shows, and will attend the Jentel artist residency in Wyoming.

Nine Francois

Visions West Gallery :: Nine Francois

| 07.13.2018 - 08.08.2018 |

Artists: Nine Francois

Exhibition Dates, July 13th – August 8th | Join us for the opening reception in conjunction with the Bozeman Art Walk on Friday, July 13th. Artist's Statement: I use photography to express personal versions of my own selective truths. My images start off in the objective, as all photographic records do, but frequently don't stay there. They are transformed through various techniques and processes to make them mine -- to take them out of the realm of fact and reportage and place them into the service of exploring and responding to my world.

Casey McGlynn

Visions West Gallery :: Casey McGlynn

| 07.13.2018 - 08.08.2018 |

Artists: Casey McGlynn

Exhibition Dates, July 13th – August 8th | Join us for the opening reception in conjunction with the Bozeman Art Walk on Friday, July 13th. Casey McGlynn grew up in rural Ontario, where he would sit in front of the television and draw on old grocery bags and scrap paper tirelessly, creating self-taught surrealist pop art. McGlynn attended the Ontario College of Art and Design, however, he was not enrolled in the visual arts. McGlynn’s work contains reoccurring symbols such as animals from his upbringing, birds from his studio window sill and numbers that derive from when he memorized math tables in his early years. McGlynn’s work is as much about revealing the truth and expressing emotions as it is about documenting actual fact. His paintings reach into a wealth of historical influence and skill. Creating symphonic glyphs on rudimentary, raw quilt-like patterns, the works simultaneously evoke rural Southern quilts, early comic books, and Piet Mondrian.

Adonna Khare

Visions West Gallery :: Adonna Khare

| 07.19.2018 - 08.19.2018 |

Artists: Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare is an American master carbon-pencil artist. Her style has been compared to the photo-realistic illustrations of Audubon, but the surreal worlds and strange inhabitants she creates can only spring from her imagination. Khare’s life-size works possess the scope of a painting, but with enough detail and realism to give viewers the impression they can step through the paper and into Adonna’s worlds. Though she stays steadfast to her chosen mediums, pencil and paper, her work spans from 8” x 11” to massive murals covering entire walls. She says of her process, “I draw how one might sculpt,” and the final artworks contain far more layers of pencil than the surface belies. A review of her in-progress pieces reveal hints of skeleton, almost as if she is drawing her fictional subjects from the inside out. Adonna's work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Huffington Post, American Art Collector, Juxtapoz Magazine, Hi-Fructose, Mashable, My Modern Metropolis and more. Her work has been exhibited at Crystal Bridges Art Museum, Boise Art Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Long Beach Art Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum and others. Her works are in numerous prestigious private and museum collections around the world. Adonna holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from California State University Long Beach.

Ishi Glinsky

Visions West Gallery :: Ishi Glinsky

| 07.27.2018 - 08.31.2018 |

Artists: Ishi Glinsky

Exhibition Dates, July 21st – August 31st | Ishi Glinsky is a sculptor, painter and installation artist, who works and resides in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ Glinsky's work is often formed through handmade methods and inspired by materials, both industrial and organic. Each immersive installation, sculpture or painting, are investigations into resourcefulness, permanence or continual evolution, all dependent upon the chosen material and its considered composition. While continuing to navigate through historical events and ephemera of North American Native tribes, Glinsky’s work becomes a fusion of intertribal celebration and material exploration. As a primarily self-taught artist, Glinsky investigates traditional techniques of his tribe, the Tohono O’odham Nation, as well as other Nations to create contemporary homages to sacred events and practices.

Matthew Mullins

Visions West Gallery :: Matthew Mullins

| 07.27.2018 - 08.31.2018 |

Artists: Mathew Mullens

Exhibition Dates, July 21st – August 31st | The interconnection of human consciousness and the natural world is what inspires the work of Santa Fe artist Matthew Mullins. Mullins’ watercolor and acrylic ink paintings merge human made patterns derived from social constructs with the visual perception of nature, creating a harmonious relationship that the artist feels is often lost in today’s culture. “Humans are part of the natural world,” says Mullins. “But we often become so focused on our individuality that we lose track of that connection. My work is about reintegrating with nature and finding unity in that relationship.”

45th Parallel North

Visions West Gallery :: 45th Parallel North

| 07.27.2018 - 08.27.2018 |

Artists: Greg Hardy, Theodore Waddell, Matthew Mullins, Sandra Dal Poggetto and others

Exhibition Dates, July 27th – August 27th | Opening Reception: July 27th from 5:30-8:30 PM, as part of the Livingston Art Walk | This group exhibition features multiple artists' interpretations of landscapes surrounding the 45th Parallel. Wyoming artist, Travis Walker's take on the figure of the tourist in this landscape are both humorous and compelling while Canadian artist Gregory Hardy's billowing clouds and sweeping plains landscapes are homages to place and earth. Theodore Waddell, a perennial gallery classic, will contribute his heavily textured and dynamic depiction of the western landscape. Santa Fe artist Matthew Mullins' paintings will also be featured in this enthralling landscape show. Sandra dal Poggetto will also be featured in this show, with her abstracted landscape pieces. Poggetto incorporates the landscape into her art through her mediums, making the pieces from nature itself.

Carly Glovinski

Visions West Gallery :: Carly Glovinski

| 07.27.2018 - 08.31.2018 |

Artists: Carly Glovinksi

Drawing great attention to the unremarkable calls into question what can be considered precious and worthy of investigation. Taking the form of drawings, sculptures, and installations, my work is rooted in observation- an homage to the delicate structures that are so woven into our everyday experience they are often rendered invisible. Materials, separated from their original function, are used to reveal unexpected connections and often drive the concept behind a given work. By dissecting, duplicating and mimicking the objects, underlying patterns and organizing systems that make up the backdrop of our lives, I seek to expose a universal fabric that binds us all.

Wacky Western

Visions West Gallery :: Wacky Western

| 08.10.2018 - 09.12.2018 |

Artists: Sue Tirrell, Tracy Stuckey, Aaron Zulpo, Justin Colt Beckman

As the original pilgrims and settlers of the West have been replaced by a flood of new settlers in BMWs and fancy Ford pickups, the landscape has changed and most of the cowboy hats and boots you see have never known the dust of the plains or the brush of sage. In keeping with this idea the Wacky Western exhibition showcases innovative artists who disregard the historical perception of the West and instead capture the West as it is or how they perceive it. Tracy Stuckey gives us a palpable feeling that the West is as much a space in the American psyche as it is a place. Aaron Zulpo takes a narrative approach to Western history but skews it. Justin Colt Beckman’s anachronistic work comments on manifest destiny and chain of events. These artists show the evolution of Western art in the greater canon of American art as well as how contemporary realities affect the West.