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Visions West Gallery :: Uproar

| 06.09.2017 - 07.05.2017 |

Artists: Rocky Hawkins

Visions West Contemporary, Bozeman and artist Rocky Hawkins are creating an Uproar with a solo show featuring Hawkins’ bold and dynamic paintings of endangered animals. “Uproar”, also the show’s title, will grapple with issues of endangered and rare animals reflected in abstracted strokes. A departure from his former work, this new group of paintings will celebrate a conscious vision for conservation. Through Rocky’s dynamic compositions and unrestrained color he hopes to bring awareness to the importance of protecting wildlife. Driven by a passion for abstraction and curiosity, Rocky always begins his paintings with “automatism,” that is, drawing or painting in the subconscious with no preconceived subject or composition in mind. A synthesized journey of exploration and mystery, “Uproar” will awaken the senses for a new visual journey that is bound to surprise. “Uproar” will be comprised of over fifteen paintings capturing the majestic spirit of elephants, zebras, bears, penguins and rhinos. The exhibition will open June 9 through the first week in July at Visions West Contemporary in downtown Bozeman, Montana. During this time partial proceeds of sales will be donated to two outstanding wildlife conservation organizations in Zambia, in southern Africa, the Zambian Carnivore Programme ( http://www.zambiacarnivores.org ) and Conservation South Luangwa (http://cslzambia.org )

Matt Flint and Sandra Dal Poggetto

Visions West Gallery :: Matt Flint and Sandra Dal Poggetto

| 06.23.2017 - 07.20.2017 |

Artists: Matt Flint and Sandra Dal Poggetto

MATT FLINT is a painter from the mountain town of Lander, Wyoming. He grew up surrounded by woods, animals, and family. As a boy, He spent endless days creating art and exploring the fields and woods around him. Now he spends time with his family, painting, and exploring the rugged Wind River Mountains that overlook his house and studio. Living in Wyoming has had a profound effect on his work. The space, sense of isolation, and wildness of the land continues to amaze, mystify, and inspire him.His works are known for their textural qualities and natural subjects. Images in his work work are from the natural world; horses, birds, deer, all manner of plants, and landscape. He intermingles / obscures these more representational images with scratches, marks, glyphs, drips, etc. SANDRA DAL POGGETTO Raised in Sonoma among the coastal hills of Northern California, now Rocky Mountain based artist, Sandra Dal Poggetto makes work that embodies her attachments and relationship to her environment. As a hunter, explorer, and painter, Sandra brings these forms of engagement to her studio practice. Through a method of addition and subtraction during the painting process, she builds into her works a complex surface tension, that for Sandra communicates directly her dynamic relationship with the natural world. The abstract forms present in her paintings are a “condensing”—a condensing of experience, of relationships, and her feelings of landscape. Using feathers and pelts she collects from the birds she hunts, or buckskin, along with charcoal, oil paint and soft pastels, Sandra’s works offer a unique vision of the landscape and the relationship we all share with our surroundings. In a recent interview, Sandra said, “Today landscape painting is often looked upon as old fashioned, but I see it as utterly contemporary. The air is contemporary. Water is contemporary. The soil that produces food is contemporary. Wild animals are our contemporaries…yet they are also ancient.”

Billy Schenck

Visions West Gallery :: Billy Schenck

| 07.14.2017 - 08.10.2017 |

Artists: Billy Schenck

Anke Schofield and Garcia Nerey

Visions West Gallery :: Anke Schofield and Garcia Nerey

| 07.21.2017 - 08.10.2017 |

Artists: Anke Schofield and Garcia Nerey

Gordon McConnell

Visions West Gallery :: Gordon McConnell

| 08.11.2017 - 09.19.2017 |

Artists: Gordon McConnell

Chris Maynard

Visions West Gallery :: Chris Maynard

| 08.25.2017 - 09.21.2017 |

Artists: Chris Maynard

Artist Chris Maynard's medium is feathers. His subject, birds. Using a tiny scalpel as his primary tool, Maynard carves birds out of feathers, then mounts his creations in shadowboxes, so that the carved feathers and feather birds cast shadows across the canvas just as real birds cast shadows across the landscape when they fly. His exquisite and imaginative compositions not only illustrate his background in science, and his ingenious technique, which he developed himself over many years, but show his aesthetic fascination with the "art" birds create--feathers. To Maynard, each feather is a small bit of perfection. (He uses only shed or discard feathers). Maynard believes that they mark nature's pinnacle of achievement: the intersection of function and beauty. They make flight possible, insulate against water, sun and wind; and their colors and patterns help them hide and attract mates. Maynard's colorful and playful creations highlight the beauty of feathers and celebrate the birds from which they came. "Each feather, though dead and discarded, keeps something of the bird's essence," Maynard says. "Since I work mostly with shed feathers, some of the birds that grew them are likely still living." Maynard is a member of Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation.