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Aaron Zulpo

Visions West Gallery :: Aaron Zulpo

DENVER | 10.18.2019 - 11.23.2019 | 6:00 pm

Artists: Aaron Zulpo

Visions West Contemporary, Denver, is proud to unveil Aaron Zulpo’s latest exhibition, Family Vacation, a series of narrative paintings infused with mystery and adventure. The paintings created during Visions West first artist in residence program, took him across ski hills and ski towns in Montana and Wyoming. This series portrays a family ski vacation with a background story of theft and mystery simultaneously unfolding in the background. The story of the “family vacation” includes repeated characters, as they engage in these ski trip activities. “Though they are in the story, it isn’t really about them”, Zulpo says. While these landscapes will feature the essence of a memory or experience, the use of light and atmosphere are the key elements that the artist will be exploring. To achieve these, Zulpo will use his previous experience with plein air painting to capture a particular moment in nature before translating that onto a larger scale work. Zulpo’s playful style of painting encourages the viewer to place themselves in the story, the moment captured becomes a curious story. The natural landscape incites a familiarity in people who have grown up taking trips through it and towards it. Zulpo doesn’t focus his work on the intricacies of reality, rather his take on landscape is an archetype, a sense of place.

BLACK FRIDAY : An Artists BaZaar

DENVER | 11.29.2019 - 12.28.2019 | 11:00 a.m.


Coming this December 2019 at Visions West Contemporary Galleries is the unusual and quirky exhibition Black Friday: BaZaar which will feature over 40 artists along with hundreds oftheir amazing art pieces. BaZaar is in response to the holiday madness that starts on Black Friday where useless items are sold to consumers, for a cheap price, with the inevitability of ending up in the landfill. However, Visions West Contemporary wants to encourage people to utilize art to give as a gift that will last a lifetime. In this exhibition that spans to all Vison West Galleries from Denver to Bozeman to Livingston, we hope to create the opposite experience of Black Friday, holiday shopping, and gift giving, by creating a “salon style” BaZaar. We hope to see you at our first opening on November 29th and the following openings at our other locations throughout the beginning of December.