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Visions West Gallery :: Do Not Feed the Bears

Do Not Feed the Bears

| 06.28.2024 - 07.24.2024 |

Artists: Electric Coffin

Visions West Contemporary is pleased to present Don’t Feed The Bears, a solo exhibition by Seattle-based Electric Coffin this coming June. Electric Coffin, composed of the artist duo Duffy DeArmas and Stefan Hofmann, operates at the nexus of art and industry. Their multimedia creations serve as subtle reflections on the shifting landscapes of both the natural and commercial realms. The forthcoming exhibition will be centered around the cultural impact and wildlife of our neighbor, Yellowstone National Park, highlighting a host of local animals from the elusive gray wolf to roaming bison. The show further emphasizes Electric Coffin's dedication to exploring the interplay between humanity and the natural world. Electric Coffin delves into socio-economic and environmental issues, Electric Coffin also seek to reestablish a spiritual bond with nature and elevate the “low brow” to the realm of fine art, populating their resplendent world with characters and reimagined commercial slogans that depict our contemporary interconnectedness and consciousness in equal measure. Electric Coffin is a Seattle-based artist collaboration between Duffy De Armas and Stefan Hofmann. Electric Coffin have exhibited extensively nationally and internationally, including a large multi-media installation at the Museum of Museums, Seattle and exhibitions at Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA; Wynwood Walls, Miami FL; Scope Art Fair, Miami; and Dong Gallery, Taipei. Their work is in the private collection of the Ren Building in Seattle and they have commissioned installs for Facebook, Expedia, T-Mobile, among many others.

Visions West Gallery :: Half the Day is Night

Half the Day is Night

| 07.11.2024 - 08.29.2024 |

Artists: Danielle Winger

OPENING Thursday, July 11th, 6 - 8 p.m. "Half the Day is Night" is a captivating solo exhibition by Danielle Winger, an accomplished contemporary artist known for her luminous landscapes and emotive use of color. Drawing inspiration from the timeless themes of nature, memory, and longing, Winger's evocative landscapes serve as a poignant exploration of the human experience. Winger's upcoming exhibition at Visions West Contemporary marks a significant evolution in her artistic journey. "This body of work is a nice progression of what I've done in the past," Winger observes. "I'm more confident now and these paintings have more complicated compositions as a result." Embracing the tactile qualities of canvas, Winger delves deeper into the poetic intimacy of her subjects. "Canvas doesn't give the instant gratification that wood does," she remarks. "The fabric saturates and bleeds in really wonderful ways. I think the work is more poetic, more intimate."

Visions West Gallery :: The Unbound Horizon

The Unbound Horizon

| 07.12.2024 - 08.08.2024 | 6 - 8 pm

Artists: Beau Carey

A horizon line plays a pivotal role in establishing perspective, depth, and spatial orientation within a composition. It serves as the anchor point around which the elements of the artwork are organized, creating a sense of balance and harmony. For a viewer this can be a way to establish a place and start conveying a message. For an artist this can be a starting point and something to refer to during the creation process. For Carey, it created a challenge. “It’s this amazing pictorial invention. A simple horizontal line across a page makes a landscape. But it’s fiction. In reality, it happens everywhere and nowhere. Consequently, I thought I needed to disregard it entirely or explode it. So entered the idea of multiple horizons in one picture.” - Beau Image Credit: When Mts. Become Air, 2024, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

Visions West Gallery :: A Universe Beneath

A Universe Beneath

| 07.26.2024 - 08.21.2024 | 6 - 8 PM

Artists: David Korty, Charles Lindsay, Jeb Todd, Molly Schulps

Visions West Contemporary is pleased to present A Universe Beneath, a group exhibition celebrating the poetics of fly-fishing and the feeling of being at the whims of the water’s current. The artists in this exhibition each reflect on their experiences with bodies of water–from the tactile collections of nymphs and dry flies to the nuanced play of light and shadow along the water’s surface. We turn to rivers, streams, and creeks not only during times of uncertainty but also during periods of clarity, seeking adventure or solitude. The dichotomy of water itself mirrors this duality, as its unpredictable nature often oscillates between serenity and destructiveness. This exhibition is not solely focused on fly-fishing as an activity; it serves as a reminder of the complex ecosystems that sustain these waters. It's about tuning into the subtle cues of currents, insects, and shadows while on the water and honing a deep connection with the natural world. In many ways, the shifting currents and dualities of water echo our own experiences–the uncertainties of life, and moments of calmness amidst chaos.