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Visions West Gallery :: Nature Studies

Nature Studies

| 07.09.2021 - 08.07.2021 |

Artists: Rachel Denny

"Nature Studies" features new sculptural and fiber-based work from Oregon based artist, Rachel Denny. These works serve as a deeper dive exploring how human intervention plays a role in disturbing the natural order of things, with some pieces being inspired by Denny's experience of the Oregon wildfires last year which affected her studio and land. Her work approaches topics of femininity, domesticity, and our perceived place in nature. Denny’s animals are transformed by the texture and colors of human detritus into poetic creatures that reflect our conflicted desire for control over our environment and our search for a feral beauty. Image: Golden Ram, 2021, Polyurethane foam, wood, paint, clay, fiber, thread, 29 x 17 x 20 inches

Visions West Gallery :: The New Wilderness

The New Wilderness

| 07.09.2021 - 08.07.2021 |

Artists: Robert McCauley

A perennial favorite, Robert McCauley presents a new body of work in the show titled: The New Wilderness. The artist's revered animal portraits straddle a fantastically brilliant line between whimsy and a darker foreshadowing, born from the fallout that is humanity's increasing influence on the climate. As the sea levels rise and the violent storms from changing wind patterns increase, the animals ask us to take notice. They are aware of the human flood that is climate change, despite our scientific and governmental denial on the subject that normalizes mass drought and pollution as a hoax. McCauley masterfully asks us these questions through compassionate eyes, toxic skies, and concerning sunsets. He creates not only a beautiful space, but also a vehicle for an inconvenient and truthful conversation in “The New Wilderness.” Image credit: Late Afternoon at the Night Watch, 2021, oil on canvas on panel, 25 x 19 inches

Visions West Gallery :: Halieutics II: The Art of Fishing

Halieutics II: The Art of Fishing

| 07.23.2021 - 08.24.2021 | 5pm

Artists: Jeb Todd, Dana Sherwood, Robin McCauley, Robert McCauley, Charles Lindsay

“Halieutics II: The Art of Fishing” explores the interdependence between the anglers, fish, and the landscape of the region.

Visions West Gallery :: Mountain Standard Time Part II - Denver

Mountain Standard Time Part II - Denver

| 07.24.2021 - 09.05.2021 |

Artists: Luke Anderson, Justin Colt Beckman, Madeleine Bialke, Taryn Boals, Rachel Denny, Rocky Hawkins, Adonna Khare, Julia Lucey, Robin McCauley, Gordon McConnell, Anne Siems, Travis Walker, Sarah Winkler, Aaron Zulpo, Casey Vogt

Mountain Standard show, a multi-gallery show we are curating this summer. Inspired by the original Pacific Standard Time show, Art in L.A., this show will span across all three galleries in two states and will embody art in dialogue with the west. From environmental, historical and cultural viewpoints the show will explore the many facets of the west as a space in the American Psyche. Image: June Glasson

Visions West Gallery :: The Endless Horizon

The Endless Horizon

| 08.13.2021 - 09.04.2021 |

Artists: Gregory Hardy, David Rathman, Sarah Winkler, Theodore Waddell, Beau Carey

Join us for an exhibition featuring landscape artwork under the Big Sky! Featured artists include Gregory Hardy, David Rathman, Sarah Winkler, Theodore Waddell, and Beau Carey. Opening during the Bozeman Artwalks on Friday, August 13, 2021. The Endless Horizon is a show exploring contemporary landscapes, with a focus on western imagery and landscapes in particular. Soaring mountains, vast skies, snowy peaks, dramatic lighting, and rustic fields will inspire even the biggest homebody to want to travel and get outside. Some of the featured artists paint en plein air, hiking or travelling to remote locations to capture the essence of a place. Beau Carey, known for his abstracted mountain ranges and sunsets, has painted in Alaska in the middle of winter, on a raft in the middle of a lake, among others. Sarah Winkler, who studied geology and art, tries to capture Time in the strata and bands of rocks and will even sometimes grind up bits of rocks to add to her paints! Theodore Waddell often paints from memories of his time as a rancher in Montana, depicting snowy fields filled with tiny livestock that contrast the vast mountains behind. David Rathman adds a sense of narrative and drama to his landscapes, adding nuggets of words from Western poems, films, and books to add a layer of mystery and intrigue to his expressive paintings. Gregory Hardy shows his masterful skills of the Canadian skies by his dramatic paintings of clouds, capturing color and light with unimaginable talent. Stop by Bozeman’s gallery to take a trip across the West without ever leaving Montana! Image credit: Gregory Hardy, "Sky Dance, Looking Out From the Bay," 2020, acrylic on linen, 41.5 x 62 inches

Visions West Gallery :: Electric Horsemen

Electric Horsemen

| 09.10.2021 - 10.15.2021 |

Artists: Rocky Hawkins

Image: Electric Horsemen - Orange Marmalade, 2021, oil on panel, 12 x 12 inches.