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Visions West Gallery :: Park Life

Park Life

DENVER | 03.14.2024 - 04.26.2024 |

Artists: Travis Walker

Travis Walker combines expressive landscapes with references to the art historical canon and media of his childhood to explore the atmosphere and ambiance of the American West. Born in Tokyo, Japan as an Air Force brat. Walker spent a lot of his free time reading comic books, consuming science fiction, and drawing the world around him. Currently living and working in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Walker continues to be inspired by his childhood passions, now incorporating them into his love of western landscapes. Painting on location, Walker captures the open skies, sweeping prairies, and towering mountains iconic to the West, while simultaneously adding a fresh perspective into each composition; Walker often inserts motifs from popular culture into his landscapes, whether it be Darth Vader or Uncle Rico of Napoleon Dynamite. Other works juxtapose wildlife, such as moose, bear, and deer, with urban life, creating comedic reinterpretations of classical western symbols. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, March 14, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Visions West Gallery :: Out of Doors

Out of Doors

DENVER | 03.14.2024 - 04.16.2024 |

Artists: Zoe Hawk

Missouri-based Zoe Hawk represents the triumphs and difficulties of adolescence through her intimate portrayals of girlhood, friendship, and play. Posed in a variety of playful scenes, such as by pools, forests, or at home, Hawk’s subjects are imbued with a sense of childlike wonder. Underneath each idyllic surface, however, lingers an atmosphere of uncertainty. Feelings of nostalgia permeate Hawk’s paintings, conjuring up the innocence, anxiety, and curiosity of growing up. The landscapes and interiors which form the backdrop for Hawk’s paintings accentuate the atmosphere of familiarity and discomfort. Lush woodlands tempt the viewer with the mysteries that hide amongst the trees’ shadows, while glimpses of suburbia represent the constraints of societal expectations. Stylistically inspired by storybook illustration, Hawk’s paintings explore the liminality between girlhood and womanhood, juxtaposing impressions of comfort with apprehension. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, March 14, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Visions West Gallery :: Lacuna


DENVER | 05.03.2024 - 06.08.2024 |

Artists: Jennifer Nehrbass

OPENING: Friday, May 3rd, 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Lacuna, meaning the space between, will include portraits, landscapes, and sculptures. Nehrbass’s practice of layering explores the multifaceted aspects of identity, place, and the concept of the in-between. This in-between brings us together or separates us; past/present, thoughts/dreams, reality/imagination. All the work in the exhibition has a slight nod to Dadaism, specifically Dada collage, when disparate images come together to create a new image. Nehrbass spends countless hours scouring the internet for the perfect vista for inspiration to create her meticulously painted landscapes. The many layers symbolize ecological layers, layers of history, layers of identity and perception causing an emotive reaction to the landscape. The dreamlike setting evokes a longing for a place of peace that offers a light at the end of the tunnel. The softer lines add a sense of flow alluding to the need to navigate together to have a peaceful outcome for the environment. The portraits in the exhibition most clearly demonstrate the use of layering as a visual metaphor for cultural signifiers and historical markers. In the painting, Rush, the oversized necklace, and hat are symbols of the greed of Manifest Destiny while the shadow line creates a mask alluding to theft. A second painting, Harness, has layers of Hispanic culture and Meso-Ameican imagery referencing the complex histories that has interwoven the Hispanic community throughout the centuries. Made of cast away objects, the sculptures in the exhibition serve as 3D versions of the paintings. Much like the paintings, each carefully balanced sculpture is painted in layers and organizations of color, which bring ordinary objects into the realm of precious.

Visions West Gallery :: Half the Day is Night

Half the Day is Night

DENVER | 07.12.2024 - 08.29.2024 |

Artists: Danielle Winger

Solo Exhibition: Danielle Winger