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Visions West Gallery :: Mountain Standard Time Part II - Denver

Mountain Standard Time Part II - Denver

DENVER | 07.24.2021 - 09.05.2021 |

Artists: Luke Anderson, Justin Colt Beckman, Madeleine Bialke, Taryn Boals, Rachel Denny, Rocky Hawkins, Adonna Khare, Julia Lucey, Robin McCauley, Gordon McConnell, Anne Siems, Travis Walker, Sarah Winkler, Aaron Zulpo, Casey Vogt

Mountain Standard show, a multi-gallery show we are curating this summer. Inspired by the original Pacific Standard Time show, Art in L.A., this show will span across all three galleries in two states and will embody art in dialogue with the west. From environmental, historical and cultural viewpoints the show will explore the many facets of the west as a space in the American Psyche. Image: June Glasson