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Visions West Gallery :: Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

DENVER | 06.01.2022 - 07.08.2022 |

Artists: Theodore Waddell

Theodore Waddell’s depictions of the vast landscape, horses, and cattle are not typical of most Western art due to the influence of the abstract expressionist movement on his practice. Waddell’s solo exhibition will include the monumental painting Vincent's Angus #4, 1995, as well as works on paper and recent oil paintings.

Visions West Gallery :: Mountain Standard Time- Denver 2022

Mountain Standard Time- Denver 2022

DENVER | 07.15.2022 - 08.27.2022 |

Artists: Group Exhibition

Mountain Standard Time, a multi-gallery summer exhibition presents art that is in dialogue with the American West. The fourth annual exhibition spans all three galleries in the Rocky Mountain Region, modeling and parodying the historic Pacific Standard Time show in Los Angeles. The works included in the exhibition are just a snapshot of the broad range of artists represented by Visions West Contemporary, as well as the current state of contemporary art in the region today. Mountain Standard Time subverts the Western monolith of cowboys and saloons and instead celebrates the diverse Rocky Mountain history of people, environmentalism, and complex cultural influences that is a fixture of the American psyche. Spanning a wide range of mediums and subject matter, the artists capture and contradict the mythologies embedded within the region while celebrating its unparalleled beauty and mystique.

Visions West Gallery :: Chasing Starlight, Eclipses, and Rainbows

Chasing Starlight, Eclipses, and Rainbows

DENVER | 10.14.2022 - 11.26.2022 |

Artists: Sarah Winkler

In Winkler’s second solo show with Visions West Contemporary in Denver, Colorado celebrates her 25 years of living in and painting the West. ‘Chasing Starlight, Eclipses and Rainbows’ captures stand out moments in an American Western landscape that has embraced the artist, become her muse and captured her artistic attention for a quarter decade. In her signature style of acrylic painting, developed over a period of 17 years, Sarah works with script and flat brushes along with more experimental tools such as mylar, sea sponges, marble dust, and mica flake, incorporating techniques that include optical color mixing, loose gestural painting, dripping, pouring, monoprinting, color field, and symmetry in a hard edge paper cut aesthetic. The depth in her landscapes is achieved through flat cubist style planes. Rather than depicting a place with exactness, Sarah allows the images to surface through the act of creating the compositions. To recollect and recreate the landscape as if in a state of lucid dreaming. For the artist, this reflects the sudden and unpredictable geological events and climate changes that can transform a familiar landscape into another scene at any given moment in time.