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Visions West Gallery :: Secret Visitors

Secret Visitors

DENVER | 03.09.2023 - 04.22.2023 |

Artists: Electric Coffin

Visions West Contemporary is pleased to host a wild crew of characters from a boombox, peace-sign-making yeti to a fox adorned with a police car on its back. Secret Visitors, an exhibition by Electric Coffin, on view at the gallery's Denver location from March 9 – April 22, 2023, will be Denver’s first debut of the artist duo of Duffy DeArmas and Stefan Hofmann, who comprise Electric Coffin. Much of their work explores environmental concerns and our relationship with nature. Please join us Thursday, March 9th, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm as we celebrate Electric Coffin's most recent work. This exhibition demonstrates the masterful range of materials DeArmas and Hofmann use to create - sculpture, beading, screenprinting, and painting. Their nostalgic references to pop culture bring a playful air to their work which is conveyed through their new edition 'Yeti.' Adorned with a classic boombox, the playfully posed avocado yeti grins at the viewer flashing the peace sign. This sculpture fully embraces a 70's vibe. The witty and playful work evokes definitive memories - this is the yeti you would want to hit the slopes with! “We portray the pageantry of opposites through the imagined modern iconography of nature and the built world. The effigies of luxury goods lie next to the transcendent ephemeral nature of the mind. We seek to understand and move towards resolution of these opposites. These characters manifest to represent the dichotomy of ideologies between nature and technology. Usually bringing to light more commonalities instead of disparities between the two. What seems to be two opposing elements work together in harmony, more seamlessly than one would expect.” Electric Coffin

Visions West Gallery :: Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

DENVER | 04.22.2023 - 06.10.2023 |

Artists: Tracy Stuckey